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df9f4627ff685e4307aacfcaf9c90a15 My name is Rayleigh and I’m the definition of a book addict!

I started Literature Approved 3 years ago to have a special place to put all my reviews, however I have been reviewing books for 5 years. Originally, they were posted on my blog, Accelerate The Jesus Movement  , but because of the vast amounts of books I was reviewing, they began to overtake my humble blog and I decided that it was time to send them to a place of their own.

I have reviewed over 300 books to date and don’t plan on stopping any time soon!


I am a college student with a major in Accounting with a long term goal of being a CPA.

I’m the Associate Editor and Web Manager for Pursue Magazine, an online magazine for teen girls with the purpose to inspire and encourage them to discover their potential, embrace their uniqueness and pursue the impossible.

I’m also an intern for Hartline Literary Agency, with my job being to teach authors how to maximize the use of social media to market themselves, and their books.

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Rating and Reviewing Policy

ALL books will be read and reviewed on a “first come, first serve” basis. When you send in a request for your book to be reviewed on Literature Approved, you are agreeing that any of the Contributor reviewers may read and review your book. For more details visit the Partner & Contributor Reviewers page.

Reviewing and rating is based on Christian morals however we do not review only Christian books. Our meaning of “Christian-based” review is:

To reveal morals portrayed in a story, as well as to make note of how high the graphic, sexual, and explicit language is, so that readers can choose books according to their personal and/or religious preferences.

YA, Adult fiction, and/or Nonfiction: 

If rated 3 stars or above, we focus on the positive elements of the book, but will ALWAYS mention cursing, sexual scenes/comments, graphic violence, etc. that was present (if any) even though we may have liked the book in general.

If rated 2 and below, then obviously, we were not fond of it and the review will be more focused on explaining the low rating, though we generally try to be gracious in negative reviews by mentioning the few (if any) aspects of the book that we did like.

Children’s books/Middle Grade:

We rate and review children’s books based off of family qualities and learning opportunities. In our opinion, a book read to a child needs to be more than just a story; it needs to have lessons on that child’s level, well-done pictures, and to have engaging writing. Kids need to be read to in order for them to grasp a love for learning and reading at a young age. So the books that we read and review will be rated on how useful to the children they are, with 1 star being rubbish and 5 stars being very educational.

Reviewing on other sites:

We always post our reviews on AMAZON as well as GOODREADS so there is no need to ask us to do so in your inquiry email. Also, we only post reviews on Amazon and Goodreads (and here of course) so please don’t ask for other websites (Barnes&Noble is the only exception upon request).

All of our reviews will be shared ONCE on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest 🙂 Thanks!


Contact and Connect With Us!

If you have a specific book you would like us to review, or, for authors, if you are in need of a review for your book and would like to send us a copy, fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

We cannot guarantee that we will accept all requests because of either lack of time or interest, however we do welcome getting requests and encourage you to reach out to us if you seek a review.

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Additional Advertising

If your book  could use a little extra attention, more than just reviews or an interview, authors now have the opportunity to purchase some extra TLC from my social media team and I.

Our current service fees are:

Summer Special! Only until June 30!

$35 $10 per book per 1 month of additional advertising or

$45 $15 per book per 2 months of additional advertising.

This includes:

-Your book cover and link for purchase featured on the sidebar.

-Specially made quote/promo images for the book (one per week) to be scheduled on Literature Approved’s social media platforms for the purchased month(s).

-You will receive the links to the reviews and shares on social media for you to share as you see fit.

-Advertisement in the nearest release of Literature Approved’s Newsletter (released bi-monthly).

*Paid through PayPal

Editorial Services

While reviewing books, I come across many grammar errors, misspellings, misplaced words, etc (especially in children’s books!). So I have decided to offer basic editor servicing and proof reading for authors who simply cannot afford a high priced editor.You want those final copies sparkling when they hit the market!

If you’re interested in having me edit your book WHILE also providing a **free review** below are my current rates:

Children’s Books and Short Stories (under 50 pages): $25

Novellas (51- 275 pages): $45

Novels (276-400 pages): $95

400+ Pages: $150+ ($50 per additional 100 pages)


*Paid through PayPal

For more information, feel free to contact me!