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Welcome to Literature Approved! My name is Rayleigh and I’m the definition of a book addict! I’m a reader by nature, and because of all the time I spend reading I’ve never been real picky with genres so I find myself reading, and thoroughly enjoying, pretty much anything; though there are the favorites 😉  I have been a book reviewer/blogger for almost 5 years now (on a different site) and have reviewed over 300 books total. I am in the process of moving all of those reviews here onto Literature Approved so things will go either really slowly or really quickly, depending on how many new requests I accept.

Rating and Reviewing*

My reviewing and rating is based on Christian morals however I do not limit myself to only Christian books. My goal is to provide Christian-based reviews for popular literature as well as to find and promote Indie authors who deserve some spotlight.  I read and review ALL books on a “first come, first serve” basis and will always mention negative content as well as the positive, regardless of my rating.

When reviewing YA, Adult fiction, and/or Nonfiction: 

If rated 3 stars or above, I generally like to focus on the positive elements of the book, but I will ALWAYS mention cussing, inappropriate sexual scenes/comments, graphic violence, etc. that was present (if any) even though I may have liked the book in general. If rated 2 and below, then I obviously was not fond of it and the review will be more focused on explaining the low rating, though I generally try to be gracious in negative reviews by mentioning the few (if any) aspects of the book that I did like.

For children’s books:

I rate and review based off of family qualities and learning opportunities. In my opinion, a book read to a child needs to be more than just a story; it needs to have lessons on that child’s level, well-done pictures, and to have engaging writing. Kids need to be read to in order for them to grasp a love for learning and reading at a young age, and the books that I read and review will be rated on how useful to the children they are.

*I would like to make a note that I list ALL BOOKS (WHETHER APPROVED OR DISAPPROVED) ON THE GENRE PAGES. So, if you see a book listed on a page, please do not assume that it was approved; I just have them listed so their reviews can be easily found.

Contact/Connect with Me

I am constantly reading and reviewing new books, so if you have a specific book you would like me to review. Or, for authors, if you are in need of a review for your book and would like to send me a copy; you can shoot me an email at TypeWritersHeart(at)gmail(dot)com.

I cannot guarantee that I will accept all requests because of either lack of time, interest, and/or whether or not the book is morally acceptable; however I do welcome getting requests and encourage you to reach out to me if you seek a review 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by Literature Approved and I do hope that my reviews will be beneficial to you; after-all, reviews are written for future readers, not the ones who have already read 😉

Reviewing on other sites:

always post my review on Amazon as well as Goodreads so there is no need to ask me to do so in your inquiry email. Also, I only post reviews on Amazon and Goodreads (and here of course) so please don’t ask for other websites (Barnes&Noble is the only exception upon request).

All of my reviews will be shared ONCE on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest 🙂 Thanks!

Additional Advertising: 

If you would like me to give your book a little extra attention (if above 3 star rating), for $5* I will:

-Feature your book on the sidebar for 2 months

-Share the review 4 more times over the course of the 2 months (with specially made quote images and a more personal message) on the above mentioned social media platforms.

-Send you the links to the reviews and shares for verification as well as for you to share as you see fit.

*Paid through PayPal

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