Editorial Services

Editorial Services

While reviewing books (specifically ARC copies), we come across many grammar errors, misspellings, misplaced words, choppy sentences, etc (especially in children’s books!). So we have decided to offer a basic and affordable editing and proofreading services for authors who simply cannot afford (or just don’t want to pay outlandish prices for…) a high priced editor.

You still deserve to have those final copies sparkling when they hit the market without giving up an arm and a leg!

If you’re interested in having your book edited WHILE also receiving a **free review** please fill out the following form and we will send you our pricing packages (filling out this form does not sign you up and you may opt out at any time)*.

*In accordance with our Reviewing Policy, we will not feature Erotica or Horror books under any circumstance and do reserve the right to refuse business if a book has a cover that directly conflicts with our family-friendly atmosphere and/or the book is about something we do not promote. An explanation to the refusal will be provided.

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