Promotional Advertising

Promotional Advertising

Literature Approved gets anywhere between 200-300 book review requests a year and as a result, we have a very high traffic rate on our website, and our social media accounts.

Want your book to be seen on our sidebar or featured on our Insta Stories? We now offer several Promotional Advertising Packages!

You have the option to have our team create graphics for you (to use on your own accounts as well as ours)! You can have your book featured on our site, in our Newsletter, and on our social media for a selected amount of time!

If you would like to have a look at our advertising packages (at no obligation to you and no harassment from us-we promise!), fill out the form below and we will send you the information*!

*In accordance with our Reviewing Policy, we will not feature Erotica or Horror books under any circumstance and do reserve the right to refuse business if a book has a cover that directly conflicts with our family-friendly atmosphere and/or the book is about something we do not promote. An explanation to the refusal will be provided.

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