Partner & Contributor Reviewers

What is a Partner Reviewer?

Literature Approved now offers a promotional partnership with other reviewers, which means that approved “partners” will be featured under our For Authors page, for the purpose of providing resources for authors.

Becoming a Partner is completely free! The only action required is to list Literature Approved somewhere on your own site! Below is the criteria to be accepted as a Partner:


  • Must post a review at least once every two months on your own blog
  • Cannot include cursing or foul language in reviews
  • Must not review or promote Horror or Erotica novels. (I apologize for this, but in order to keep my site family friendly, I cannot provide links to sites that are not)
  • Please be willing to consider promoting Indie authors 🙂

If you believe that your site agrees with the above listed criteria, fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and select “Partner Submission” in the drop down menu.

After your site is verified, you’ll be sent a cool badge that says “Literature Approved Partner” to display proudly on your site (and include a link-back). You will also be added to our list for the authors at this point!

What is a Contributor?

A contributor is a bit different than a Partner. As a Contributor, you will not only be featured on our Reviewer’s page, but you will also be able to accept requests from authors and review books for Literature Approved!


  • Receive FREE books from authors in exchange for honest reviews.
  • (Optional) Post YOUR full review on your own blog as long as you disclose that it was written for Literature Approved and link back to our site.
  • A bio and link back to your own blog on every review you post on Literature Approved.
  • If you’re an author, reviews for your books (by a fellow Contributor) can be posted and the titles will be advertised with your bio.
  • All reviews will be shared and promoted on our social media accounts.
  • (Optional) Can write additional reviews for books that you read on your own time.


  • Reviews MUST be honest, spoiler-free and follow Literature Approved‘s Reviewing Policy.
  • MUST submit a review at least once every two months (this can be negotiated depending on circumstance).
  • Cannot promote Horror or Erotica on Literature Approved or your own site.
  • Link to Literature Approved somewhere on your site (you will be given a badge saying “Literature Approved Contributor”!).

As the Contributor list grows, there will be options to claim a specific genre of interest and receive “first dibs” for all review requests in that genre. However currently, please mention all genres of interest.

How Do I Become a Contributor or Partner?

Just fill out this form, informing us of your interest, questions, and submissions! We’ll look over your submission and be in touch with you!