Social Media Marketing Advice

Social Media Marketing Advice

Social media marketing is quickly becoming one of the primary drives for books and surprisingly, more and more authors are unaware of how to give their book that push it needs in the realms of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. During Rayleigh’s one year internship with Hartline Literary Agency and C.Y.L.E, she spent her time meeting with Hartline’s and C.Y.L.E.’s clients, helping them get started on promoting their books on social media. She covered the basics, such as how to set up accounts and the basic functions of the many buttons, to the more complex topics such has utilizing hashtags and creating graphics that generate “likes”.

Rayleigh is no longer working with Hartline or C.Y.L.E. due to the pressures of college and Literature Approved (though she highly recommends both agencies if you’re seeking a literary agent!), however, she does now offer those same video classes for authors here on Literature Approved!

The classes are done via Zoom (video meeting app) for the duration of 30 minutes to 1 hour. In these meetings:

  • You will be able to select the topic you are needing the most help with
  • You may ask any book-marketing-related questions you may have
  • Hear tips and ideas that Rayleigh has tested and seen positive results for
  • Receive marketing resources (such as apps Rayleigh recommends, a custom made hashtag list, useful websites, etc)
  • And Book-Specific Recommendations based on your book’s genre and what your book is about

Other things that are optional to the authors who meet with Rayleigh are*:

  • Review of your book (by Rayleigh)
  • 1 week of complimentary promotional graphics on our site and media accounts (3 posts)
  • And a follow-up email one month after the meeting to see how things are going.

These new classes will be open to sign-ups in February of 2020 and we anticipate bookings to fill up quickly, so we are offering a Hold Your Spot pre-sign up with a discount of 20% off to everyone who signs up between October 10th and December 20th. To Hold Your Spot, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page*.

*Pre-Sign Ups do not require payment nor a day to schedule at this time. Signing up now will simply hold your place in line to be contacted in January with the packages and pricing and given the opportunity to book before official signups are open (February). Pre-Sign Ups also give you the discounted 20% off of pricing for the package of your choosing.

Hold Your Spot Pre-Sign Up Form

*In accordance with our Reviewing Policy, we will not feature Erotica or Horror books under any circumstance and do reserve the right to refuse business if a book has a cover that directly conflicts with our family-friendly atmosphere and/or the book is about something we do not promote. An explanation to the refusal will be provided.