DVD Review: Revelation Road starring David A.R.White, Brian Bosworth, and more.

I received Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End from FishFlix for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.

About the Movie:

Josh McManus (David A.R. White), a traveling salesman with a cloudy past, finds himself in a dusty West Texas town at the wrong time. An unfortunate series of events launch Josh into a war with an outlaw biker gang known as The Barbarians, led by a vicious man named Hawg (Brian Bosworth). Then it happened…A flash in the sky, followed by a crippling series of earthquakes, sending the entire world into chaos. Some say it’s the rapture but nothing will stop Josh from going home and confronting his worst fears. Will Josh look to God for strength as he fights a life-threatening war that is both physical and spiritual?


The beginning of the end will drop you to your knees in prayer or cause chaos unimaginable.

In Revelation Road;  The Beginning of the End is the first movie in the Revelation Road series made by PureFlix. It’s a very docile depiction of the book of Revelation with it only being rated PG and focused mostly on Josh’s interaction with the biker gang rather than what is Biblically going to happen. Many may want to compare this film to the hits Left Behind, but the two are very different in many ways.

Biblically, there may be some debate about whether or not this is an accurate account of Revelation, mainly concerning whether or not there will be a second chance for those left after the “rapture”. But that depends on personal interpretations of the Bible and I suppose that really no one will know until after it happens.

As for the content, it was very clean, absolutely no cussing and no sexual scenes/comments/intentions. The only things that may keep this at an older audience is the action. It’s not detailed, in fact it doesn’t show any blood anywhere, but it does show the moments before someone dies (for example, the opening scene is the biker leader on his bike chasing a man who is running, he kills the man by swinging a ridiculously large hammer as he passes the man. The scene cuts out just before the hammer meets the man’s body, saving us from the image, but knowing what just happened creates enough suspense on its own).

Overall, this is an entertaining movie and it’s clean action is welcoming during these days of having a hard time finding a clean movie. I recommend it to ages 12+, because though it is only rated PG, the action is very well-done. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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Movie Rating: PG

Review Rating: * * * *

Age Recommendation: 12+