Your Home is Here by Valerie Cotnoir

“Your Home is Here is a sweet & cozy Christian Historical Fiction story that fans of Janette Oke and Anne of Green Gables are sure to love!”

Review by Erin Phillips

When everything changes, will the journey bring her home…or take her far away from it?

Bridget Foxx has lived happily on her grandparents’ farm on Prince Edward Island for the past seven years. As hard as it was moving there from Boston after her father’s passing, she has since developed strong friendships and learned how to work the land alongside her family. A letter from Boston arrives, however, that might change everything. For upon her twenty-first birthday, Bridget inherited the Foxx estate, as was the wish of her late father. Now Bridget is faced with a choice: does she return to Boston, pass the estate to someone else and return to the island? Or does she reunite with her cousins and return to Boston…for good?

Cynthia Clay, Bridget’s best friend, was born and raised on the island. Her friendship was pivotal in helping Bridget process her grief and come to know the Lord through it. Now, all these years later, Cynthia feels stuck. Currently working as a schoolteacher, she feels unfulfilled and lost. When Bridget asks Cynthia to join her on an adventure, how could she possibly say no?
With everything to gain, both Bridget and Cynthia risk losing what might have been most important to them all along. Are they ready for where the journey may lead them?

Release Date: 4/25/2023

Genre: Historical Fiction

Pages: 431

I received this book complimentary from the author but this review is voluntary.

Your Home is Here is a sweet & cozy Christian Historical Fiction story that fans of Janette Oke and Anne of Green Gables are sure to love! It was fun to see Valerie’s historical degree and French Canadian heritage shine as we traveled with Bridget and Cynthia from Prince Edward Island to Boston. 

It is a story largely about friendship, whether it’s blossoming awkwardly into romance or struggling due to comparison, and all of the ups and downs that can ensue as one grows up and changes take hold. It is filled to the brim with hymns, Scripture, journal entries, letters, and childhood flashbacks (similar to the 2019 Little Women but not entirely a dual timeline story). 

I deeply appreciate how Valerie’s heart is on every page, culminating in Bridget’s journey of discovering that the end of one season is also the beginning of something new. It is a great read for soon-to-be-graduates, who will no doubt be able to relate deeply to the challenges and decisions the characters face as they take on independence and adulthood, but anyone in a season of change, struggle, or confusion will relate to Cynthia and Bridget, and be reminded that Jesus always has a plan, even when we feel lost.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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