The Fall of Lucifer by Wendy Alec

The Synopsis:

Three Archangels…

Three Brothers…

One turned renegade

A sweeping epic of origins and mysteries, the fall of Lucifer tells a tale older than the universe itself. Set in opulent palaces and frightening hell worlds, this is a timeless saga of doubt, of demons and angelic warriors, of obsessive love and treason, and of an ancient evil that knows no bounds.

Soon the universe itself will be rocked by war…

A war between three angelic brothers…

A war fought for the greatest prize in the universe…

That war for the race of men.

My Review:

I had never before heard of this book, nor this author, until one of my youth leaders randomly came up to me and handed me the book saying that he thought that I would really enjoy it. I started the book the next day without even reading the synopsis (which is really strange…..) and finished it in roughly 5 hours.

Having said that, The Fall of Lucifer is probably the best book that I have read in a very long time. The author opens your eyes and gives understanding to so many things that leaves you in a “lightbulb” moment. The book focuses on the three archanglels, princes of Heaven, Michael, Gabrial and Lucifer. The author fictionalizes the story of the universe as she uses scripture to guide the story as well as the attitude of the book.

But, as a disclaimer, this book is still fiction and therefore you cannot take everything she writes as solid proof of creation; nor do I think that the author would want you to. She still had to use her imagination for what heaven looked like, how certain things operated, and of course there are characters that are not mentioned in the Bible playing big roles in this book. However, the author was anointed as she wrote this book and it greatly opened my eyes to how much Luficer is really loved by God and how much Lucifer hates God as well as mankind. It will also reveal how much God loves each and every person as the book travels through time, touching events such as, The Fall, The Flood, the Tower of Babal, The Crucifiction, and many, many more events.

I would keep the maturity level of this book about 13+ because of the things mentioned/shown. There are places in the book where the angels discuss how humans “replicate” in a scientific manner (explaining pretty completely how children are conceived but without mentioning the physical part), but there are scenes where Satan causes unwholesome sexual relations, however the author does not actually show these scenes. The battles are also a bit grusome at times and decently detailed.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and encourage those of you who are Chuck Black fans to get a copy! 5 out of 5 stars.

Fun fact: There is supposed to be a movie coming out within the next couple of years so get ready!

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