Limitless Sky by Christina Kilbourne

Book Blurb:

Rook and Gage live worlds apart — but somehow they must find a way to help one another survive.

Trapped in a life she didn’t choose, Rook struggles to find meaning in her appointed role as an apprentice Keeper of ArHK. Even though her mam soothes her with legends of the Outside and her da assures her there are many interesting facts to discover in the Archives, Rook sees only endless years of tracking useless information. Then one day Rook discovers historic footage of the Chosen Ones arriving in ArHK, and she begins to realize her mam’s legends are more than bedtime stories. That’s when Rook begins her perilous and heartbreaking search for the limitless sky.

Gage is also trapped. Living on the frontier line with his family, his is a life of endless moving and constant danger. As he works with the other Scouts, Gage searches for the Ship of Knowledge to help his society regain the wonders of the long distant past, when machines transported people across the land, illnesses could be cured, and human structures rose high into the sky.

Will Rook and Gage escape the traps and perils that await them in order to save each other’s worlds? If they don’t, it could very well be the end of humanity.

I received this book from the author for free. All comments and opinions are entirely my own and this review is voluntary.

Ashlynn’s Review:

This book was just SO well done. Out of all the reviews I’ve written, this one is the hardest! Can we please get a second book soon?!

The author of Limitless Sky wanted to write a book where all of the questions were answered. She watched a dystopian movie and had all sorts of questions, which I can relate too. I want to know the entire backstory, understand why the society is the way it is and who’s the true bad guy. She did exactly this, her characters searched for truth, even when they were scared. She built a world that I could see in my mind and introduced me to characters that I wanted to see succeed. (I did like Gage more at first, but Rook did grow on me) The Adults in this book didn’t infuriate me like they usually do. It took a little convincing, but overall they listened to the teenagers in their midst that had knowledge and ideas. The imagination that it took to create this world was dedicated to the details. I tried really hard not to give away any spoilers, I could totally fangirl over all the little things that made this book fantastic. While I was reading I was so enthralled that I forgot I was supposed to review it, I always take that as a good sign. That ending however….can we please get a second book soon?!


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