{Audiobook} Magic Required by Obert Skye {Wizard for Hire; 3}

Book Blurb:

The final answer to the existence of magic.

Ozzy and his friend Sigi are in more danger than ever before. After being injected with the mindcontrolling serum, Ozzy is learning to control the minds of people, but he is still being hunted by Ray, the power-mad villain who will stop at nothing to find and possess the formula. And on top of that, Rin still claims he’s a wizard, but he and Clark are missing, leaving Ozzy to wonder once again if magic really does exist.

When it becomes apparent that the minds and free will of all mankind are in danger of being controlled by whoever controls the serum, Ozzy and Sigi join forces with strange new friends that claim magic-like abilities. When Rin finally returns, Ozzy will discover once and for all what happened to his parents, what really happens at those popular fantasy conventions, and if magic truly exists.

Rayleigh’s Review:

“‘The end of the quest is at hand, Ozzy. I need you to believe in me. One last time.'” -Magic Required

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The emotions that I have upon finishing this book can hardly be captured by words. The affect that these books had on me, cannot be accurately penned. Magic Required is the most perfect conclusion to what is now, one of my most beloved series.

Ozzy, Clark, Sigi, Rin, Patty, Sheriff Wills, John, all of the random people they encountered throughout their adventure, they are all so close to my heart. I said this after finishing the first book, but I want to hug these books. I need paperbacks to read again and highlight the tons of quotes that I wasn’t able to write down as I listened to the {incredible} audiobook. This is a series, one of the very few for me, that I could re-read over and over.

The heartbreak that struck me in the heart. So many triumphs that made me clap and smile. Clark (y’all, I LOVE Clark). I’ve found myself talking like Rin when I wish to share wisdom. And I talk like Clark when I want to be sarcastic. I doubt I’ll ever relate the pure innocence of Ozzy, but I definitely relate to Sigi’s passion. The series is truly flawless and I will probably spend the rest of this year convincing every one of my friends to read/listen to it so that I can have someone to talk to about it. (The first TWO books are–at the time of writing this review– included in your Audible Subscription!! So if you have an Audible subscription, you can literally listen to these without spending a credit, so WHAT are you waiting for?!)

Content warning: There is *one* use of the word d**m near the end of this book. It caught me off guard because the rest of this series doesn’t have any kind of language anywhere and it’s middle grade, but in context, it is sort of an appropriate response *says hesitantly with a question mark* (message me if this is a concern you’d like a more in depth explanation for).

Overall though, this is such a wholesome series and I’ve already introduced it to my little brother (who loves Clark as much as I do)!


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