Oathbound by Victoria McCombs {The Royal Rose Chronicles; 1}

Book Blurb:

Beware the waters. The dangerous deep brings ruin to all.

Emme has spent her life avoiding anything to do with pirates. But the fates are cruel, and now a hidden sickness leads her to partner with pirates for the one thing that can save her—a cure on an island none are certain exists.

The pirate captain’s secrets are darker than the deep and threaten to kill them all. His obligations are tinged with betrayal, for his oathbind must be fulfilled. To ignore it is to invite peril of unimaginable destruction.

As the adventure unfolds, the sea takes more than she expects and the sea gives more than he wants.

I received this book for free from the publisher. All comments and opinions are entirely my own and this review is voluntary.

Erin’s Review:

Oathbound is the first in a new series – The Royal Rose Chronicles – from Enclave Publishing, written by Victoria McCombs, which releases February 15, 2022.

I love me a spooky tale! I don’t read a lot of pirate adventure books, so this was a refreshing read that reminded me warmly of Treasure Island while still being very original in the characters and story. It’s an exciting adventure through perilous seas and on dangerous islands in search of not only treasure, but freedom and a future. There is a bit of magic, some ghosts, and a cast of colorful characters.

“‘I’ll go with you when it’s time to fulfill it. You won’t be alone.’”

Arn, a charming pirate captain with his fair share of secrets, is hopelessly in love with Emme, but she is so desperate for a cure to her fatal illness that she doesn’t even notice for a good while. He is such a softhearted soul who truly cares for those on his ship that it was difficult for me to imagine him as a cutthroat pirate, but I didn’t need him to fulfill the stereotype. Arn defies the usual pirate tropes to offer a strange mix of desperation conflicting with his desire to be an honest man – at least for a pirate – worthy of Emme’s affection.

“The treasure is not my priority. You are what I care for.”

However, the number of times these two people, who obviously like each other, had a kiss interrupted…this romance definitely takes it’s time! But you will have to read it yourself to see if the kiss happens!

I’d have to say Emric was my favorite character; his arc was really intriguing, complex, and had some fun twists! Plus he added some tension with Emme and the pirate crew. I also enjoyed all of the stories about the other pirates, like Arabella the Ruthess and the Nightlock Thieves. And the final scene with the black ghost ship was definitely a highlight!

My favorite part was the hidden pass filled with mermaids, but I won’t tell you why! That secret is too spoilery…

There are plenty of piratey twists, schemes, and reckless behavior, all with a spirit of adventure.

This spooky yet cozy pirate tale is a fun, easy read for young adult readers and perfect for lovers of the Pirates of the Carribean. But be warned! It is the first book in a series, so be prepared to eagerly await book two upon finishing it!

I give this book four stars for being a fun, thrilling adventure, worth reading if you love pirate stories.


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