We’ve decided to test something new here at Literature Approved! Towards the end of every month, for the next 6 months ONLY (ending December 2018), we’re going to select our favorite NEW RELEASE* that was featured on our site and give away a physical copy!

So for the next 6 months, you’ll have a chance to win a new release every month! How cool is that?!

In July, our New Release Giveaway was Launch by Jason C. Joyner!

*”New Release” classifies any book, released within the prior 3 months of the month of the giveaway, featured on Literature Approved.


DreamOfTheNavigator_CoverArt_1200X862About Dream of the Navigator

Cities have been replaced by technates. It is a world of soaring apartments, hundreds of stories high, where technology measures, monitors and rations to meet the needs of the greater populace. It is a world of drones, in the air and on the ground, and advanced robotic beings who carry out much of the harder labor, security, and even pleasure assignments.

Those discontent, or who resist, are taken to Rehabilitation Centers, established after the embrace of the Greater Good Doctrine.

For most, virtual realms, substances, and entertainment provide escapes, but for Haven, Cayden, Jaelynn, and Salvador, growing up in Technate 6 is a restless existence.

A hunger for something more gnaws inside each of them. Discoveries await that open the gates to transcend time and space, and even new planes of existence. Nothing in their universe, or others, is impossible to explore.

What was once reality, now seems like an illusion in a deepening experience.

Begin the journey to Faraway, in Dream of the Navigator, the first book of the Faraway Saga!


Dream of the Navigator was released July 4th, 2018 and already has an average rating of 4 stars on Goodreads and a 100% 4 star rating on Amazon! And in agreement with the common vote, we also rated it 4 out of 5 stars! You can read Rayleigh’s Review by clicking the following link.


Review of Dream of the Navigator


Or, if Dream of the Navigator is already on your TBR shelf, go ahead and enter the giveaway to nail your copy!




If the New Release Giveaway ends up being a hit, we might continue to host this, but it all depends on how many of y’all like it. So invite your friends to follow us, comment and tell us what you think, and share about the giveaways! We’d love to continue this after 6 months!

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