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The Synopsis:

Kate Brandeis has it all: a famous reporter at the age of twenty-four, she’s the face of the Republic of the Americas. She has a loving fiancee and all the success she could wish for. But when she learns of the death of a long-forgotten friend, her investigations unravel her perfect memories, forcing her to face the fact that she’s been living a lie.

Jackson MacNamera, trained from a young age in the art of mind control, returns to the Republic for his mother’s funeral. Within a few hours of his arrival, authorities collect Jackson and take him by force to a room ironically called The Liberty Box, where he must choose between surrendering his thoughts to the new Republic, or fleeing for his freedom.

Kate, bereaved and confused, finds her way to a cave community of refugees, where Jackson seems to offer her an escape from her grief. The two forge an uneasy bond, and in the process Jackson learns that Kate has some insight which may help the hunters in their attempt to free other citizens from the tyranny of the Potentate. Against the expressed wishes of the Council, the hunters plot a series of daring raids, attempting to prove that not only is freedom possible, but that the citizens are not too far gone to desire it. But with the odds so stacked against them, can the refugees succeed in their rescue missions right under the Potentate’s nose?

I received this audiobook from the author via The Audio Book Worm for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.



It’s hard to see the truth when you’re constantly bombarded with the false.” –The Liberty Box

Believing the truth is often hard enough, but what if it’s your own eyes that are lying to you?

The Liberty Box is the perfect combination of adrenaline, wit, humor, and surprises. Everything about this book never once lost my interest, not in the perfectly paced and detailed action, not in the slower scenes that let us catch our breath and think, and certainly not in the plot that was so full of twists. This book is so good.

Jackson and Kate are both excellent main characters and they both grow so much throughout the story. They’re likable enough at the beginning of the book, but by the end, they are so real that it’s hard not to love them. I was also concerned with how realistic Kate’s transition from believing the lies, passionately, would be to suddenly believing the truth without question, but that concern was unnecessary because it was handled stupendously.

The story itself is also extremely clean! There are a few of the milder curse words sprinkled throughout (perhaps 12 at most) and there are no sexual scenes, comments, or actions, which is a huge relief compared to the books I’ve come across so commonly recently! The romances are pure, based on real relationship and friendship between the couples and a few brief kisses, so nothing grossly detailed.

I firmly believe that the narrator is responsible for at least 40% of why this audiobook is so good. Michelle Williams did a flawless job in depicting each character’s voice, creating suspense when suspense was intended to surface, and setting the tone for dialogue. This is definitely one of my more favorite audiobooks and I will be quick to listen to another narrated by Michelle Williams.

The Liberty Box is book 1 of 3 in The Liberty Box Trilogy and you can definitely expect to see the other 2 featured on my site in the near future. I give book 1 a full 5 out of 5 stars and will be patiently waiting by the mailbox until the next book arrives 😉


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