Detroit by in60learning

The Synopsis:

Detroit was once one of America’s greatest cities, but the tumultuous events of the last century have had devastating effects. It has long been a city of conflicting extremes—during the Civil War, it was both a haven for runaway slaves and an area of growing discrimination. The auto industry created an economic boom but also a housing crisis. Now, Detroit is battling bankruptcy, a plummeting population, and a gentrifying center surrounded by impoverished suburbs. This is rock bottom, but this brief history shows how many individuals are treating that as a solid foundation on which to build the city’s future.

I received this book from in60learning for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.


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in60learning is way for you to brush up on a topic in 60 minutes or less! You can choose a person or historic time and an hour later, you’ll be smarter than ever! A perfect resource for students!

After reading Detroit from in60learning, I’m really wishing that I had access to these books as I was rushing to meet due dates in high school! This ebook was stocked full of information, dates of historic events, influential people of Detroit, and some of the key highlights of this city, especially that of the automobile industry.

Because this is meant for “a quick brush up” on a topic, one can’t expect a lot of description. It took me about 50 minutes to read Detroit and though there wasn’t a lot of depth, it did walk me all the way through the founding of the city, its major struggles and highlights, and then what the city faces today.

I did find just a few paragraphs to be a bit repetitive, but this could be looked over or maybe not even noticed by other readers. It also takes note of the crime rates of Detroit (hardly avoidable with this particular city) so there is mention of drugs, abuse, and sex trafficking, however not in any graphic detail.

I give Detroit by in60learning 4 out of 5 stars and do recommend for students to look into the broad topics published by in60learning.

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