Ellie Camps Under the Stars by Marci & Elle Fair

I received this book from the author for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.

The Synopsis

Ellie the Elephant and Pudgy the Penguin have captivated readers in five previous books. The newest addition to the Amazing Adventures of Ellie the Elephant series follows the friends as they go camping and explore nature.

Ellie and Pudgy have fun planning their camping trip in the mountains and solving problems once they get there. They set up a tent, go for a hike, play games, make s’mores, and look at the stars. During their trip, Ellie and Pudgy talk about the importance of having new experiences and being mindful of their surroundings.


The Amazing Adventures of Ellie the Elephant is a creative series following the adventurous lives of Pudgy the stuffed Penguin and Ellie the stuffed Elephant, of whom are both real stuffed animals being featured in this series!

Ellie Camps Under the Stars is much more interactive with the readers than the previous books in the series, but the story is just as good. Ellie and Pudgy share the information they learn while on their expeditions, which include some information on consolations in this book. The back of the book has some short activities to keep the kids engaged in the story and there is also some “with a parent” activities to do once the book has ended.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed this series and this book is another great addition! I recommend all of the books to both boys and girls, as they will make excellent story time (group setting or one-on-one) books. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

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