Here’s Lily by Nancy Rue

This is a guest review, read and written by Sophia Marie, who blogs at Teens Live for Jesus. For a full bio and links to her personal sites, please progress to the end of the review.

The Synopsis:

A new start. A lady from a modeling agency came over to Lily’s school and showed the sixth-graders how to take care of their body. For once, Lily didn’t feel like a giraffe. She felt special, no matter what Shad or her brothers had to say. And then that lady asks her to try out for modeling classes. Could life get any better? Lily is getting more and more poise with every class, and she loves passing on lessons to her friends. But even more Lily just can’t wait until the show! Won’t Shad be amazed! He won’t ever make fun of anyone again. What could go wrong, right?

Sophia’s Review:

Typical Lily: “Lily’s brother Art said Lily’s hair always looked like it was enough for thirty-seven people the way it stuck out all over her head. But most important of all, Reni was as petite and dainty as a toy poodle, not tall and leggy like a giraffe. At least that was the way Lily thought of herself. Even now, as they walked into the library, Lily tripped on the wipe-your-feet mat and plowed into a rolling rack of books.”

Here’s Lily is a great middle-school book that dives into the issue of self-esteem. Lily learns that it’s not about makeup or hairstyle. It’s not even really about self-confidence and being assertive. It’s about being confident in who God made one to be! Lily can only get through the hard times with God’s help, and she learns to trust Him.

Here’s Lily is the first in the fourteen-book Lily series. For more on Nancy Rue, visit her website and Facebook page.

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