I’m Not Afraid by Lee Ann Mancini

The Synopsis:

This wonderful-underwater world of vibrant colors shows Susie and her friend going to the Undersea Amusement Park. Susie makes many excuses not to ride the Whale-Back Coaster. After speaking with her mommy and saying a prayer to Jesus, she rides the ride and her fear turns into faith! She learns that praying to Jesus during difficult times, and having faith, is all she needs to overcome her fears. Susie’s friend, Rachel, helps her too and the two of them have a fun-filled day!

I received this book from the author/publisher for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.

My Review:

Its so refreshing to get children’s books that exalt our Lord!

I’m Not Afraid engages the children with gorgeous pictures, a fun story, and a wonderful example of why we should never be afraid. The author brings to life the shame that comes with fear, but she also equally brings to life the freedom that giving that fear to Jesus brings. The young readers are even given an example prayer for when they are afraid and the simplicity of it will make it easily remembered.

While the story flows well enough, I did see that it had a tendency to duplicate itself in a few places and therefore almost felt as if it was going in circles. However, the heart of the story, as well as the pictures, make up for this and it can be overlooked.

As a bonus, there is a cute activity at the end of the book that will have the young reader flipping back through the pages in haste to complete it; and many of the adults can enjoy it too.

So in conclusion, I give I’m Not Afraid 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it to both boys and girls under 6 0r 7. Though both of the main characters are girls, there is nothing in this book that should keep it at strictly a young girl audience.

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