Busy, Busy! by Eileen Spinelli

I received this book from the author/publisher for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.

The Synopsis

Mommy’s very busy, just like the animals: beaver’s building, mole is digging, and spider’s spinning. But no matter how busy Mommy is, she will always have time to share her love. The lively, reassuring book is sure to bring smiles and snuggles.

My Review:

Busy, Busy! is a sweet book that has pretty pictures that are sure to keep the young audience engaged in the story. It goes over a number of different animals and what they do that keeps them busy and it has a few simple vocabulary words that will make the young reader sound very refined.

I only had two small issues with this book; one being that the flow of the words was confusing to me. It was as if the lines wanted to rhyme but yet couldn’t quite come up with the right words to make it flow in a rhyming rhythm, so it almost seemed to stutter.

The other was that it didn’t mention a father; only the mother. This isn’t necessarily bad because I know that there are many single mothers who are very busy and love their children beyond compare, so that may have been the audience that the author was trying to reach; however, I also know that there are many families who have both the mother and father, in which the father is the busy one. I am not saying either is right or wrong, I am simply saying that the book seems to be directed to encouraging the children of single mothers that no matter how busy she becomes trying to make a living, she will always love them and do her best to spend time with them.

So overall, I rate Busy, Busy! 4 out 5 stars, because though the words were not the best I’ve seen, the pictures were very well made and the heart of the book is sweet. Thank you so much for reading and I do hope this review was helpful.

Rated: * * * *