Teatime Discipleship: Sharing Faith One Cup at a Time by Sally Clarkson

“This book is my core aesthetic. Jesus, tea, literature, community, beautiful blue teacups on the cover – all of it.”

Review by AnnaScott Cross

Cultivate Friendship, Feasting, and Fellowship

As a mother, friend, and traveler, Sally Clarkson has witnessed on countless occasions how a shared cup of tea can impact a heart. These simple moments of hospitality become poignant opportunities for women to support each other in faith while drawing nearer to God.

With Teatime Discipleship , Sally invites you into her beautifully photographed home, pours you a steaming cup of tea, and shares the prayers, Scripture, stories, recipes, and traditions that are dear to her heart. You’ll experience the incredible gift of teatime as you take in eternal truths about God’s love and design while learning how you can use your own unique gifts to share with others the beauty of a life redeemed by Christ.

When the atmosphere has been set and the table has been laid, we come together to encourage and strengthen one another, welcoming each other to experience the richness of God. Teatime Discipleship will help you rediscover the joy of gathering others around you and sitting at the feet of Christ to listen together to His life-changing story!

Release Date: 4/18/23

Genre: Nonfiction | Christian Living

Pages: 208

I received a copy of this book from the author. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own, and I am writing a voluntary review.

This book is my core aesthetic. Jesus, tea, literature, community, beautiful blue teacups on the cover – all of it.

On a more useful note, I absolutely loved this book. There was nothing necessarily groundbreaking about its contents, but it was a beautiful reminder to slow down and set my priorities straight. Whether it means something as simple as pausing to make a cup of tea when I’m stressed, or hosting a big tea and welcoming friends and family, this book made me want to slow down and appreciate the important things in life. 

Some of the highlights of this book include:
– An extensive list of teas and what they are best paired with
– Sally’s favorite recipes for hosting friends and family
– Simple ways to bring discipleship and hospitality into your own life

The only downside to this book is that I didn’t know it was a coffee table book until after I started the audiobook, so I missed all of the beautiful pictures that I’m sure were in the physical copy.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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