Cruz Finds His Way by Anne van Gessel

Book Blurb:

Cruz the Crow is about to embark on the single most important journey of his whole life: his solo-flight! But there is just one problem! All those letters and numbers that the other crows can read: well he can’t. How will he ever find his way? A charming and inspiring tale that tells kids it is ok to be different, and that we all have our strengths.

I received an advance copy of this book for free, and I’m leaving this review voluntarily. 

Lexi’s Review:

I really appreciated  reading this book about a character with dyslexia. I don’t personally struggle with dyslexia, but I have friends who do, and I love that this book reminds the readers that book smarts aren’t the only kind of intelligence.

I think this book could be a great addition to a home or school library with any children who have dyslexia. The book includes some supplementary vocabulary and talking points for discussing dyslexia with your child or student.

I would give this book five stars and recommend it for any neurodivergent child to help them understand that they have unique strengths.


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