Across From You by Chani Lynn Feener {Two Worlds; 1}

Book Blurb:

Charlie Saxe grew up in the seedy underbelly of Umbra before she was adopted and allowed to live in the palace. Since then, she has been training for years to be able to infiltrate an Equivalent high school, a task she needs to succeed at in order to make her adoptive father proud. Everyone in her world knows about the existence of the parallel universe Equivalent, but only trained soldiers are allowed to go there. After all her hard work, she refuses to let anything get in her way, including the inappropriate crush she happens to have on her target, Kav Kavanaugh.

However, when the only thing she can do to keep him safe is illegally sneak him into her world, Charlie is forced to put her personal needs aside. Counterpart is run by a monarchy, and she and Kav must help her King uncover a mole within the palace before Kav can return home. As the two of them grow closer, Charlie makes contact with the boy she left behind in Umbra, and discovers a conspiracy theory against the king that could change everything she thought she knew and believed in.

I received this book from the author for free. All comments and opinions are entirely my own and this review is voluntary.

Rayleigh’s Review:

Across From You is a fast-paced, political intrigue adventure that merges two parallel worlds; our world and Charlie’s world.

I read this book late into the night… or early morning… however you want to look at it. We won’t discuss how little sleep I am currently running on. I really loved this book and grew attached to all of the characters pretty immediately. Charlie was an incredibly likable heroine (which is a high compliment from me) and the boys; my gracious. Ace and Kav both had my heart in different ways. But I do have to say, I was #teamAce from the very beginning, so I desperately need book two after that ending!

A well-done cliffhanger. An incredible plot twist that actually worked in throwing me off the trail. A love triangle that made sense. And an ending that was so “bomb”; my goodness, I almost have chills at how epic that was. I am here for this whole series and I’m kind of sad that this book was only just released because that means the next book is too far away. An easy 5 stars from me!

Content: Cursing is mild but often present| Sexual content is limited to some semi-detailed makeout scenes, but they never get inappropriate for YA readers | Gore is mild and almost nonexistent | LGBTQ+ character (s?) present in an obvious way (via comments and looks) though it is never actually said | Drug use: mentioned in conversation | Alcohol use: mentioned and some characters do visit a bar


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