Where is My Family? by Skye Wade

Book Blurb:

This funny bug-story offers interesting and kid-friendly facts about insects’ diverse features and their unique ways of life.

Fizzle the fear factor associated with bugs with this amazing book. All characters are cute and relatable, without evoking fear or disgust. They’re specifically endowed with human traits and emotions; and at the same time, the structure of their bodies is realistic. The book teaches friendship, benevolence, compassion, empathy, self-care, and cooperation.

It positively shows insects, indicates their role in nature and benefits to humans, and demonstrates how to purge young readers’ fears associated with them.

Besides, each character within the book has its own info-spread with large photos and interesting facts that even adults don’t know. At the same time, the book isn’t too scientific and isn’t overloaded with information. Fictional and educational spreads follow each other cohesively and creatively. They’re separated so it’s easy to skip educational ones for younger kids.

Your kids will have fun. They’ll also learn more about bugs than their peers while also mastering key literacy skills. This book provides a hive of activity, as exhibited below:

Large book format, appealing illustrations, and alluring photographs.
The colorful illustrations take up the entire spread and contain a large number of details that are interesting to study.
The book is designed for a wide range of ages and will last a long time: babies can examine the illustrations, older children can read for themselves, and study the facts.
Special book formatting (paperback only), so that the child can read easily: paragraphs instead of solid blocks of text, double spaces between sentences, semantic hyphenations.
Characters are personified to also teach critical social skills and socioemotional development.
Perfect gift for any holiday, birthday, classroom gift for teachers, home library, etc. 

I received an advanced copy of this book for free, and I am writing this review voluntarily. 

Lexi’s Review:

I enjoyed reading Where Is My Family?, the sequel to What Bug Am I?. These books are wonderful because they combine a cute story and whimsical illustrations with educational facts about bugs. I always enjoy reading these books because I usually learn something I didn’t previously know. Today, I learned that mantises can’t hear, but communicate using vibrations (Wade 9). I would recommend these books for a first grader who is able to listen to a long-ish story and care about science facts. 

I noticed a couple of missing quotation marks in the dialogue, but I would still give this book five out of five stars for the wholesome story, creative illustrations, and informative content. 


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