Riley Madison Discovers the Superpower of Time by June Akers (Riley Madison Series; 2)

Book Blurb:

Join Riley Madison in another hilarious adventure as she learns a new “superpower” that helps her become more successful in life as she conquers her own “time blindness”.

Have you ever been working on a little art project but next thing you know, it’s been over an hour and you realize there’s paint all over EVERYTHING – including your and your fiend’s new shoes? Or maybe you’re helping with the dishes when suddenly you’re in the middle of of a crazy bubble race? Do you ever get distracted and completely forget about the time when there are other things you need to be doing?

Riley Madison does too! Sometimes she ends up missing out on important stuff because of “time blindness”, where she just gets lost in what she’s doing for WAY too long. Join Riley Madison in her latest adventure at summer camp where she discovers another “superpower” that helps her keep track of time. Discover the tool she learns to avoid situations that really stink… like keeping a sneaky skunk from stealing all your favorite candy!

I received this book for free from the author. All comments and opinions are entirely my own and this review is voluntary.

Rayleigh’s Review:

Read Rayleigh’s review of the first Riley Madison book, Riley Madison Discovers the Superpower of a List.

Join Riley Madison on her adventure to summer camp and learn with her about the power of keeping time!

Much like the first book, Riley Madison Discovers the Superpower of a List, Riley Madison uses her hysterical stories and antics to teach valuable life skills. In this book, Riley can’t seem to master the skill of time management at summer camp and she’s late to everything… until someone gives her a watch with alarms to keep her from losing track of time!

Many kids, especially those with ADHD, will be able to relate to Riley in her honesty of getting so hyper-focused on one task and loosing all track of time. I really love the author’s goals in teaching kids with ADHD (and their parents) on how to develop life skills to live their best lives. But, every kid needs to learn about time management, so this book is by no means limited in its readership! At the end of the book, both this one and the first one, Riley writes a letter to her readers giving additional tips for how she mastered her superpower of time management, which gives her readers the ability to master their own superpowers!

I just love the author’s goal here and the way she presents it. It is such a gracious and fun way to teach new skills and takes the stress and frustration out of these things. I also would like to note that in this second book, Riley has grown and we see her implementing her superpowers from the last book! Showing character development is important when teaching growth! And the last thing I’d like to praise is the inclusion of a couple of children’s names different than your “basic white names” (parents, make sure you try to pronounce them right!). Though very brief, I love seeing a start to a diverse characterization in this series; representation matters!

Intended for early readers (6-10).


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