The Broken Prince by Kara Linaburg (The Broken Prince; 1)

Book Blurb

In all the fairy tales the maiden falls in love with the prince…but she has to remember that this isn’t a fairy tale.

Born into a kingdom where those of magical Gifts are rejected, feared, and even killed, Serena has spent her life striving to hide her ability and keep her younger brother safe.

The bastard son of the hated king and father he hardly knows, Prince Milosh is considered an outcast. He never expects to feel anything but contempt for the peasant girl who unexpectedly shows up in his life, forcing him to answer questions he never wished to ask.

When two very different worlds are thrown together under less than desirable circumstances, both hold deep judgment towards the other. But will they learn to see beyond their stations and birth so that they may defeat the coming darkness, or will labels given to them at birth continue to define them?

Rayleigh’s Review

Broken characters are the ones I most love to meet. To watch them heal, grow, and transform into characters who are confident, passionate, and altogether wonderful. Prince Milosh is one such character and his story is so beautiful.

Serena is also a broken character in her own way, learning how to navigate the faded gray line between black and white. She was easy to relate to in her love and protectiveness of her younger brother, as well as in many of the decisions she made.

The story was exciting, however it moved really fast. I would have loved for it to be about 100 pages longer to really flesh out the plot and explain more about the world. I felt like the description was also a bit lacking, because even though Serena and Prince Milosh traveled through the world over the course of a month, I didn’t really get the chance to admire the scenery or understand the layout of the land as much as I wanted to. So I would have really loved to see more depth to the story.

But overall, The Broken Prince is an exciting story with a powerful message of healing through brokenness. It’s a clean, “light in the darkness story” and those are some of my favorite fantasies. I give it 3 out of 5 stars and can’t wait to read the sequel!

Trigger warnings: Deep hurts that cause anxiety attacks in the characters, as well as sexual assaults that are spoken of by characters (not shown).

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