Happy Hippo: Children’s book about happiness for ages 5-10 {PumpEQ; 4} by Liviu Ciulinaru & Alis Mirea

Book Blurb:

Help Your Child Learn to Handle Emotions Better

As parents or teachers, we want our children to succeed.

But what happens when they show signs of being emotionally weak?
Perhaps they get angry or anxious easily, or they’re biting their nails or breaking into tears at the smallest upset.

Teaching children how to understand and handle their emotions will give them a strong foundation for life.

This fun and charming little book with adorable hippos is designed to help children express their feelings effectively. With cute hippo characters who develop the skills they need to manage their emotions, readers will be eager to turn each page to see what comes next.

Short summary

Change can be difficult. That’s because you’re required to step out of your comfort zone or familiar world, into the unknown. Happy Hippo knows how to cope with change by seeing things in a different, happy way.

Even though he and his parents are moving away from what Happy Hippo knows, he remains positive, thinking about all the great things he will do and the new friends he’ll make in the new city.

The storybook teaches children how to:

*develop their emotions to express themselves in a positive way.
*understand that experiencing emotions is normal and that everyone feels them.
*understand others’ feelings. 

I received this book for free from the author (via Reedsy), however, this is a voluntary review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.

Rayleigh’s Review:

Learning how to handle one’s emotions is something that is difficult for us adults, and can be even more challenging for children without the proper tools to teach them how to do so.

Books like Happy Hippo are slowly becoming more relevant as adults are realizing the lack of emotional awareness taught to children. This book specifically is geared for a very young audience, ages 5 to 10, and relates to the emotion of wanting to be happy about a new change, but may be dealing with a little bit of doubt and stubbornness too.

Happy Hippo learns that he’s moving to a new city. Very exciting, but also scary for sure! He has lots of cool things to look forward to, so in spite of his reservations, he puts on a smile and tries to focus on the happy things…until he runs into his friends Shy Hippo and Stubborn Hippo. Shy Hippo begins to introduce doubts about meeting new friends and Stubborn Hippo recounts many, many reasons on why Happy Hippo should NOT be happy. However, through it all, Happy Hippo never loses his “happy” and teaches children how to handle those conflicting emotions without pretending the negative emotions don’t exist.

I really thought this message was well-done, especially for this age group. Each character is true to their representation of emotion and never falls out of character (which I’ve found to be common in many kid’s books like this), so that was welcome! The illustrations are great and fun, I love the colors! Overall, I was very pleased with Happy Hippo and would love to get my hands on the rest of this series!

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