Museum Exhibit by Tom Brown

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Museum exhibit is a book of poems about Love and Life in various forms. From classic sonnets, lyricals, villanelle, terza rima, canzone and a pantoum poem to free form verse. Museum Exhibit is like walking into a library, sitting and enjoying the art of poetry. Enjoy a visit to Museum Exhibit it will be cherished for life.

I received this book from the author for free via Reedsy. This is a voluntary review, therefore, all comments and opinions are entirely my own.


Poetry is a beautiful form of art. Each poet has unique ways of composing and looking at the world. I always enjoy reading the works of a new-to-me poet, and as I read Tom Brown’s Museum Exhibit, that was no different.

Museum Exhibit is one of the most creatively put-together poetry collections I’ve read. It really is like walking around a museum! Each poem is focused on an item, piece of artwork, or something that you might find in a museum, so it’s an incredibly informative collection as well.

I read through this poetry collection slower than I typically do because I really wanted to unpack each poem and research a bit about the topics as I read. It was an enjoyable pastime for sure, like slowly ambling my way around a museum and then making my way back to one or two that I really liked.

As with most poetry, there were some that I understood and resonated with immediately, but there were also many that I didn’t quite get. That’s part of the beauty of poetry to me though, that sometimes it takes more time or even conversations with others to unpack the fullness of a poem.

Overall, Museum Exhibit is beautiful and I recommend it to poetry lovers!

Content disclaimers: There are some romantic poems, but nothing I would call distasteful or “dirty”.

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