5 Must Have Email Templates for Brides by Kelby Maria


“Camera in hand, I’m here to help you bring your story to life” -Kelby Maria

Kelby Maria is a talented photographer who aims to not only provide you with the beautiful memories of your wedding day, but also to encourage and uplift her clients with the means to help make your day extra special!


When preparing for your special day, a lot of brides may encounter a situation in which they’re not sure how to respond. How do you know what to ask about when you’re selecting a vendor? How do you respond to friends and family who weren’t invited to your wedding? What do you do when someone offers you unwanted wedding advice? What if your bridesmaids don’t like their dresses?

Kelby has recognized brides’ struggles in situations such as these through her experience in working with numerous brides. Little conversations like these, without the proper preparation and tools, can cause unnecessary stress on a woman who just wants the perfect day <3 So, Kelby created email templates that you can copy & paste (and customize) when you encounter these little hiccups!

Being a bride-to-be myself, I embraced the opportunity to proof Kelby’s email templates, and I absolutely LOVE them! There are some scenarios that I’ve already encountered this early on in my wedding planning, and Kelby’s tips easily came back to my mind and really helped to smooth over a would-have-been stressful situation.

The layout of the email templates are absolutely GORGEOUS and the way each email is worded is nothing fancy, but certainly empowers each bride to know what they’re talking about. Each email is typed to be a polite (yet firm in some instances) response and they’re easy to customize for your own situation.

The best part? You can get these templates for free! Kelby offers them to any subscriber of her photography website (which I would recommend following anyways because she is immensely talented!)! So if you’re a bride-to-be, these templates are certainly worth having so that preparing for your day will be as stress-less as possible!

5 Must Have Email Templates for Brides-FREE!


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