VOYAGES Volume 1- A Collection of Poetry by Debjeet Mukherjee

The Synopsis:

Voyages Volume I is a collection of poems written to break the notion that poetry is an art comprehensible only by the elite. Understanding good poetry becomes easy when there is a guide to help understand all those complicated words and lines. Keeping in mind the feelings of the reader, a small quotation has been provided at the end of each poem, carrying a message of what the preceding lines were all about. This style of writing has been chosen as most of the time we fail to understand that poetry is very much a part of our life. 

Whether it be sharing good wishes everyday on social media or going through some lovely quotations to uplift our moods, life is just one big book of poetry that we refuse to understand in popular culture. Just like a ship embarks on a voyage, searching and exploring new continents through vast reaches of the ocean; our life too embarks on a journey of adventures which are best described in poetry.

I received this book from the author for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.


“A ship embarks on a Voyage, searching and exploring new continents through vast reaches of the ocean; similarly our life too embarks on a journey of adventure which is best described in poetry.” -Debjeet Mukherjee, Voyages.

Poetry is literature that I have always admired and yearn to understand better. I lack in my own poetry skills, but when given the opportunity to read some, I typically enjoy deciphering the greater meanings underlying the words.

In reading Voyages by the aspiring poet Debjeet Mukherjee, I really appreciated his use of poetry in comparison to nature and life. His poems cause the readers to pause and think; to reflect on a beautiful night sky or to inspire an admiration for the world around us.

The poems also reflect on personal questions we might ask, or the topic of love and heartbreak. And though I did not understand all of the poetry included in this collection immediately, there were a good many of the poems which I truly liked and read multiple times. And I plan to spend more time reading the others.

Overall, I enjoyed Voyages Volume 1 and certainly look forward to the release of further volumes in the future. I give this collection 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to poetry lovers or even those who, like myself, are just beginning to love poetry.

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