Because…Anonymous by Diana Sharples (Because…Mysteries; 1)

The Synopsis:

It’s tough to be a good guy … when everyone thinks you’re a stalker. 

On the run from an abusive father, Noah Dickerson is supposed to be lying low and staying out of trouble. 
Mistake #1, falling in with a group of anime fans who aren’t as harmless as they seem. 
Mistake #2, crushing on a beautiful girl who isn’t fooled by Noah’s good looks and charm. 
Mistake #3, being in the wrong place when she receives threatening notes in her locker. 
But the biggest mistake, Noah learns, was when his mother escaped North Carolina with him. Because, it turns out, transporting a minor over state lines in the middle of the night is a felony. 

I received this book from the author for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.


All Noah wants is to have a somewhat normal life, but even when he escapes his old life, his new one is just as crazy…and dangerous.

Because…Anonymous is a bullying awareness book just as much as it is a mystery novel. The author did a great job at showing how bullying can severely impact an individual and also showed the consequences of bullying.

I really liked reading about Noah, his friends, and his story. It isn’t a lighthearted book, in fact it’s rather tense and there’s a lot going on. It approaches several hard topics, such as teen rape, suicide, bullying, and domestic abuse. None of these topics are discussed with any vivid detail though, so I wouldn’t consider it a graphic novel.

The story was overall very realistic and I liked how it was unpredictable up to a certain extent. There was a lot going on so up until the very final pages, it’s hard to try to figure the mystery out for yourself, though one of my guesses at the beginning did end up being correct!

I do have one complaint about it though, I wasn’t impressed with how disconnected the adults were in this book. Schools typically take death threats and stalking VERY seriously, especially in light of all the school shootings, so the fact that these adults seemed to shrug the notes off as “just notes”, it bothered me. I know, Noah wouldn’t have been able to solve the case himself if the adults and police had taken him seriously (as is most the case with mose teen mysteries), but still, it took away some of the reality of the book.

Overall, I did enjoy Because…Anonymous and give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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