Specter by Savannah Jezowski (The Neverway Chronicles; 2)

The Synopsis:

Sookie Haverly is missing, but was she taken by a curse or a terrible creature haunting the Neverway. Rosamond is determined to find her sister in spite of the dangers she knows she will encounter in the mountains. 

Haunted by his past and nightmares, Victor Jenks must return to Briarstone Abbey and the Neverway as he struggles to unravel the mystery of the girl’s disappearance. 

In this original novella loosely inspired by Red Riding Hood, journey deep into a dangerous wilderness, explore an enchanted Abbey, and experience the bond between siblings.

I received this book from the author for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.


The previous book in this series is After.

There’s something about revisiting a storyworld that stole your breath and hoping, praying even, that the sequel is as good as the first one. In the Neverway Chronicles, the sequel was even better!

Wow. In the first book, After, I immediately loved the unique, dark, and mysterious world created by Savannah Jezowski and though I did enjoy the first book, it was the need to finish the story that caused me to pick up book two. But honestly, Specter was so much more than a sequel.

My favorite character from the first book is the main character in Specter
(don’t you just love it when that happens?!), and I’ll just go ahead and say that his story was magnificent.

The character transition from boy to man, innocent to seasoned, and sheltered to being the protector, was truly outstanding. His response to the things happening in his life felt so REAL! Not always right, but he was an incredibly lifelike character. In fact, all of the characters were simply amazing.

The storyline, again, had me white-knuckled at times. And that ending?! Goodness, I’ll need a moment to collect my thoughts. I loved the little tidbits of fairy tales included in the storyline too, not enough to cause Specter to be predictable, but enough to get you excited that you might (though probably not…) predict something!

Once again, this is a clean book with no cursing or sexual content, however the action and gore is decently high.

Overall, I loved Specter so much and definitely recommend it (after the first book of course) and look forward to finally getting my hands on the next book! I rate it 5 out of 5 stars!

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