We’ve Been Honored!

Good morning readers! Today I have the honor of sharing a special piece of information……

Literature Approved was the FIRST book blog featured in BookSirens’ new column, Book Blogger Spotlights! 

If you’ve been hanging around Literature Approved for a while, you may have noticed the badge on the sidebar that broadcasts our memberships with the author resource website called BookSirens.


In case you’re unsure as to what BookSirens is: they are a database of book reviewers that authors can use to find sites and blogs that are a perfect for their books!

BookSirens also has an amazing feature that I love called Reader Rank, that gives authors an even better idea of each Reviewer’s preferences and habits when it comes to reviewing. My Reader Rank is also featured on the sidebar, but there is so much more information if you click the link (book bloggers check it out and set yours up! It’s free to join!)!

BUT! I only say all that to say that because I love this website, and I’ve been a member of their database for almost a year now, it was an extremely unexpected honor to be featured as their first blogger in their new Spotlight series!

In the interview, I give some history on how Literature Approved came into existence, I share tips for bloggers who are looking to improve their book blogs, and I even offer some advice for authors who want their pitches to stand out and be accepted by more reviewers. And naturally, you’re bound to learn a little bit more about me in general 😉

I would love, love, LOVE, if you would check out the interview, share it with your book blogging friends and your author friends! I want to thank all of you, dear followers, so much for your continued support and making this little small-town girl feel like she’s doing something that people care about! Things like this are only possible because of your encouragement and it truly means the world to me!

You can read the interview here! 


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