{Audiobook} The Enigma Rising by Charles V. Breakfield and Roxanna E. Burkey

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The Synopsis:

The R-Group is the single most advanced information-gathering organization on the planet, providing services to the intelligence community on a contract basis. Their cutting-edge application of technology keeps their ability to gather, analyze, and use information well ahead of most major governments.

Carlos and Juan are entrepreneurs, although even the most generous observer would question the legality of their business model. The two brothers have discovered a way to covertly access satellite communications. Mostly, they’re putting their skills to work relocating drug lords targeted by the authorities, along with their cash, gold, artwork, and other assets, for a modest fee, of course.

When a valued private client hires the R-Group to track down a missing heiress, chance circumstance brings the technology leaders into contact with Carlos and Juan’s fly-by-night operation. The two brothers have skills the R-Group can use, so they offer them a chance to go legit. Presuming, of course, the brothers can rein in their contempt for societal rules.

I received this book from the author(s), via Audiobookworm, for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.

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The First Book:

The Enigma Factor


Enigma RisingAfter reading the first book, I was interested to continue Jacob and Petra’s story, especially since I loved all of the technology present in The Enigma Factor.

And while this book is good, I was slightly surprised that it didn’t seem to be a continuation of the first, nor did it have the same amount of technology present. It seemed to be a side story. But don’t let that make you think that the story wasn’t good, it really was, it just wasn’t what I expected.

I have a lot of the same comments with this book as I did with the last one regarding how forced the romance felt, however I did notice an improvement on character development with some of the background characters. A lot of the scenes carried more detailed descriptions which really improved the realisticness of the story; however the sex scenes (also present in the first book) also increased, which I certainly didn’t care for.

So overall, I like the premise of the The Enigma series and so far I like the characters, but I’m not in love with it. The sex scenes present also repel me for enjoying it like I would’ve had they been left out. Because there are still 6 (almost 400 pages…) books left in the series, I’ll likely not be finishing the entire series.

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3 stars

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