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Pursue Magazine is a magazine targeted specifically to teenage girls trying to live for God’s glory in a world that isn’t. The No. 2 issue, FULFILL, is filled with tips on and encouragement for living a godly lifestyle. These articles are written by women in various stages of life, including: teenagers, college students as well as older women who are each living the life God has called them to. But this magazine isn’t just a book of devotionals (though the articles are very engaging, of course! 😉)—there are also fun recipes, interviews with celebrities, poems and more!

I received this magazine from the Associate Editor of Pursue Magazine for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.



When I was growing up, I didn’t read magazines much (besides the educational ones Mom assigned for school) as I mostly read novels. The only exception was the American Girl Magazine one of my sisters subscribed to for a few years. The American Girl Magazine was geared more towards girls aged 8-12, but regardless, it held a similar concept to PURSUE Magazine. The difference? American Girl, as sweet as their intentions are, is not grounded in the Word of God. Therefore, its advice and encouragement don’t always penetrate the heart of the situation—or of the young girl reading. Of course, American Girl Magazines are about as innocent as magazines get. They promote inner beauty as much as PURSUE does. But American Girl does not point to the King of Kings as the sole fulfillment of our lives. It points to ourselves. And I think we all know that we let ourselves down everyday.

All this is why I loved perusing PURSUE the past couple of days. I find this magazine is not only relatable to teenage girls, but college-aged girls, too (like myself). Both teens and college students are in a strange stage of life filled with unknowns and uncertainties. But PURSUE’s articles point us right back to God and His Word in the midst of our doubts and fears. When a girl finds herself bogged down by what the world says is beautiful, successful or satisfying, a magazine like PURSUE not only inspires (rather than discourage), it makes living a godly life tangible.

I, personally, was surprised by how much I related to the content in some of these articles. Three in particular really stood out to me.

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The first was How Do I Wait for God’s Answer? by Rayleigh Gray. Waiting on/trusting in God has been the biggest lesson He’s been teaching me this year and Rayleigh’s tips on how to be intentional about waiting patiently were very insightful.

In In It for the Money…or Not? by Kayla Johansen, she talks about pursuing the degree that people around us consider successful versus pursuing the dream(s) God has given us. People often silently nod with their judgmental stares when I tell them I’m getting a degree in History. “What on earth are you going to do with that?” Their faces say. As Kayla intimates in her article, not all of us are getting a degree so that we can earn lots of money later. Some of us have bigger plans. 😉

And finally, I was struck by You Are Not Your GPA by Grace M. I’ve never

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considered myself a particularly grade-oriented person growing up, but as I’ve taken college courses, I’ve found that my anxiety level spikes significantly as I wait for my grade to be revealed. I also noticed the elation I feel when it’s a good grade and the doom I feel when it’s a bad one. Sometimes I get so caught up in the letter grade, that I end up wrapping my identity in it instead of in Christ. But as Grace M. tells us, God cares more about what’s in our hearts than what’s written on the top of our exams.

PURSUE’s Fulfill is a wonderful, engaging and relatable magazine. I look forward to reading the next issue, set to release October 2018 (which is free to all Newsletter subscribers)!

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