Say Please, Little Owlet by Ellie J. Woods

The Synopsis:

Say Please, Little Owlet is a story about family, harmony and good manners. Meet Owlet, a young adorable little Owl who lives with his Owl family in a cozy tree house. What happens inside daily is a normal peaceful routine as Mommy Owl bakes, Daddy Owl keeps updated with the latest news and Granny Owl knits the time away. He also has a sister Lily who loves wildflowers and spends countless hours painting them. Young Owlet spends most of the day playing the hours away with his pet mouse. Owlet is extremely cheerful and loves a good hide and seek game with the mouse.

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Toddlers are notorious for demanding what they want, but perhaps an adorable little owl can show them how nice it is to say “please”.

In Say Please, Little Owlet, kids are shown through rhymes and illustrations how ugly it looks to demand something rather than ask. They are also shown how sad it makes Mommys and Daddys when they themselves act like that too.

The story of Little Owlet brings into play family qualities, good manners, playtime, and beautiful illustrations. Even though Little Owlet has so much fun laughing and playing with his pet mouse, he gets into a sour mood whenever he wants something. His mother teaches him that saying “please” is easy to do, keeps everyone in a better mood, and usually has a better chance of receiving what it is he asked for.

I loved how simple the story is! It’s illustrations carry just as much of the story as the words do, and the rhymes are beautiful. Say Please, Little Owlet is a quick read and would be great before bed or even as a short lesson in Sunday School or Parents’ Day Out. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

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