Delia and the Drifter by Melody Carlson


51jHF9+LeKLDelia Blackstone knows what her mother is up to—she intends to marry her off to an older man who is all fortune and no future. And Delia’s having none of it.

When a mysterious visitor appears on the family doorstep and offers an opportunity for Delia to travel from Pennsylvania to Colorado, Delia knows it is time for her to strike out on her own and discover a new life. Along the way she encounters a handsome drifter who captures her heart. But is he interested in trading his exciting life of adventure for love?

Two murders, a missing will and a number of puzzling relationships are enough to unsettle anyone—even smart, capable Delia. Who can she trust? And can she trust her heart in matters of love?


Full throttle to Colorado and don’t look back!

Melody Carlson is usually my go-to girl for contemporary romance, both for teens and adults, so I thought it would interesting to try her historical fiction novel, Delia and the Drifter.

The story itself is a sweet romance, with a dash of emotion and suspense. The characters are charming and the readers will love getting to know both Delia and Wyatt on their journeys.

I did find Delia’s family life to be a bit unreasonable and far-fetched. I understand how families during this time aimed to marry wealthy, and how parents often pushed this on their daughters especially, however the way Delia’s family handled the situation seemed extremely dramatized. And Delia’s sudden decision to travel to Colorado on the trust of a stranger, with almost no concern for safety, was also a bit rash.

Overall, I did enjoy the story, though I think the minor details of Delia’s family could have been developed a little better. I do give Delia and the Drifter 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it as a clean historical fiction for all ages.

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