Ellie’s First Plane Ride by Elle and Marci Fair

I received this book from the author for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.

The Synopsis: 

Always on the lookout for a new adventure, Ellie the Elephant can hardly believe her good fortune when she gets to go on her first plane ride and visit her faraway relatives. The only thing that could make this trip better is sharing it with a friend, so Ellie invites Pudgy the Penguin to join her.

The newest book in The Amazing Adventures of Ellie the Elephant series, Ellie’s First Plane Ride follows the two plush toys as they navigate the airport, experience flight for the first time, revel in hotel luxury, and face the daunting task of finding their way through a massive zoo in search of Ellie’s real-life elephant relatives.

Illustrated by delightful photographs of the plush pair, the story introduces children to an exotic array of animals and teaches them how to creatively solve problems. This ingenious blend of reality and imagination inspires kids to look at their everyday lives with fresh eyes while helping parents and teachers discover new ways to approach education.

Don’t miss the latest day-in-the-life of Ellie the Elephant!

My Review: 

Ellie’s First Plane Ride is just as cute and warm as the previous books in this series! Unique with photographs and enjoyable characters and scenes, this is a book that is sure to make any young child smile.

Ellie’s First Plane Ride is filled with fun information about what its like to board a plane and has lots of vocabulary words. There are also pictures of different animals with their proper names that are sure to make any child seem like a genius when they learn them!

Just as with the other books in this series, a portion of every book sale is given to children in need, so when you buy a book you are not only giving your kids a sweet story to read, but you are also helping out some less fortunate children who need our help.

I encourage everyone to pick up a copy whether you have small children or not; the adorable pictures and story are sure to put a smile on your face! 5 out of 5 stars!

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