Adobe Gold by Robert C. Mowry

I received this book from the author/publisher for the purpose of my review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.

The Synopsis:

He’s been dead for fifteen years. That’s what everyone believes. The truth is, that’s when Colonel Tyrone Rafter disappeared down in Mexico while on a top secret mission. After the loss of a leg and seven long years in a decrepit prison, he escapes only to learn his beloved wife, Laura, has married another.

Rafter then manifests his bitterness by foisting terror on any and all who dare cross his path as he roams the Rio Grande area south of the border. Then, one night an old padre brings word that Laura has died. Rafter starts on a quest to clean up his life, get justice for his hardships, and find his son.

He calls on his old friend, Abe Lincoln, newly elected President of the United States. Rafter once saved Lincoln’s life when the two were teenagers. Lincoln now persuades this old spy to take on one more mission—well, two, really. Can this military -hero -turned -outlaw, known to the fearful Mexican populous as El Pata Fantasma (the wooden-legged ghost), now “die” again, to be transformed forevermore into a radically new man: Parson Justine P. Stone?

My Review: 

Robert Mowry is a new-to-me-author but after reading Adobe Gold, I anxiously look forward to reading more of his novels, especially the rest of this series!

Adobe Gold is a really awesome story that illustrates God’s grace in a special way that brings to life His amazing forgiveness and mercy. The characters are well developed and well defined. The story flows beautifully, keeping you reading as the action unfolds. I enjoyed the history tidbits and the link to President Lincoln and the author did really good at keeping you informed of what time in the Civil War his book takes place.

Please bare in mind, however, that this book does take place in the Civil War and therefore there is some gun violence as well as men with drinking problems. Though none is this is overly detailed.

I give Adobe Gold 4 out of 5 stars.

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