Angel Beneath My Wheels by Kathryn S. Moore

I received this book from the author/publisher for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.

The Synopsis:

Maybe she was his good luck charm. An angel beneath his wheels.

Beneath his playboy façade, young NASCAR driver Luke Brandt yearns for a family. Rachel Tate, an inventive, purity-ring-wearing mechanical engineer, is determined to prove herself in a male dominated industry. When Luke outbids Rachel on the only two muscle cars she could use to test her new vapor-fueled engine, she wants nothing to do with him. But Luke’s gentle ways and down home country charm just might win her over—if his painful past doesn’t push her away.

When she begins to touch his heart, he’s haunted by bitter memories of the only woman he’s ever loved—the mother who abandoned him as a little boy. With an intense trust that God will lead her on life’s journey, Rachel perseveres, her innocence and grace breach his defenses and his walls begin to crumble. As they join forces to bring her remarkable invention to market, their love, their very lives, are threatened by the iron-tight grip that “Big Oil” holds over the whole auto industry and Luke realizes his final happiness must come through faith, in the One who has always loved him… and always will.


Learning to trust is hard, especially when the last person you trusted left deep scars.

This is the main issue both Rachel and Luke deal with all through the book, and believably so with their pasts. Rachel and Luke’s story is a memorable one, with plenty of highs, but also with the way they are able to overcome the lows.

It is clean of cursing and other language, however there are several detailed, intense kissing scenes, mentions of rape, abuse, and some other heavy topics that some readers may want to steer clear of. Our friend Luke also has the reputation of a womanizer and typically likes to take them to bed (though there are no detailed scenes of this happening, there is an instance in which we clearly know what happened between himself and another character).

Even though all of these issues were dealt with through the story, they were in place to show that no one is perfect and someone is always struggling with something. And especially that, yes, even Christians struggle daily, but when we turn our focus back on God, we are able to overcome those struggles.

Angel Beneath My Wheels is a fantastic book that I really enjoyed and would certainly recommend to others who want some realistic characters and a realistic story in Christian fiction for once. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

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