It’s My Life by Melody Carlson

This is a guest review, read and written by Sophia Marie, who blogs at Teens Live for Jesus. For a full bio and links to her personal sites, please progress to the end of the review.

The Synopsis:

Typical Caitlin: “Dear God, it seems I’ll never get this right. One minute I think I’m doing pretty well, and the next thing I know I’m having totally selfish and shallow thoughts. How long will it take for me to really change?”

Sophia’s Review:

Best friend? Pregnant. Second best friend? Seriously sick. Ex-boyfriend? Hanging out with someone else.

Caitlin can’t help but worry about all the people in her life. She tries to help, but that takes up SO much time and doesn’t’ even seem to help anyway. And then her parents get all upset with her about what she wants to do after she graduates next year. Seriously? Doesn’t Caitlin have a right to do what she feels God calling her to do? Then again, is that Him speaking – for sure?

It’s My Life explores the topics of mission, dating (or not!), teenage pregnancies, family relationships, and more. The book delves deep into the thoughts of a teenage girl. 

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Guest Review Bonus: Series and Author Information

It’s My Life is the second in the Diary of a Teenage Girl: Caitlin series. The first is Becoming Me; the third, fourth, and fifth are Who I AmOn My Own, and I Do!

For more information on Melody Carlson, visit her website and Facebook page.

About Sophia Marie:


Sofia Marie is a missionary kid, continuing to explore the expansive world of college. She loves running, reading, writing, and spending time with friends. One of her dreams is to become a high school teacher who is always there for her students. Sofia Marie’s blog, Teens Live for Jesus, includes devotions, quotes, discussions on music, and over 70 book reviews for Christian fiction and nonfiction.

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