#Babylove: My Toddler Life by Corine Dehghanpisheh

I received this book from the author/publisher for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.

The Synopsis:

A curious toddler loves to play…especially with his mommy’s smartphone!

When Mommy finds him using her phone without permission, it’s the perfect teaching moment.  Mommy reminds her little one that what matters most in life is time together filled with love and attention.

Her simple reminder: Put down our phones.


It’s so true that our phones have become a necessity in our lives, and the kids are picking up on it. It’s very rare to see a young child without a phone in their hands to keep them occupied while their parents work, eat, or do something else, and though this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is creating a bad habit for their young generation.

Children are beginning to find it harder and harder to use their imagination or play without some kind of device in their hand, and Corine, the author of #Babylove: My Toddler Life, has noticed this and wrote a book that encourages parents to set down their phones and break this bad habit before it begins.

In her book, she has both the “call to action” and the “remedy”; the call to action being the message of setting down our smartphones and the remedy being in opening the book and reading it to the child! It’s a short, fun, and sweet book that is pleasantly illustrated to keep the attention of a young audience. It doesn’t dismiss the use of smartphones altogether, but does encourage it’s use to be done in moderation which I liked, because there are many learning games/apps that I have seen that I’d be happy to recommend for toddlers, in moderation 😉

So because I was very pleased with the wording, the message, as well as the pictures, I am giving #Babylove: My Toddler Life 5 out of 5 “books” and recommend it to parents as a HARDBACK or PAPERBACK read! (This author does provide an ebook for this title, however I encourage you to lean towards the physical books for the purpose of getting off of the phones!)

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