The Bees Down in the Garden by DC Swain

The Synopsis:

Down in the garden beyond the apple trees,
is a fading blue hive, full of busy bees…

Join the bees down in the garden on a day of fun, danger and adventure in this beautifully illustrated picture book.

With a whimsical story and crisp, original illustrations, this is a story your children will want to read again and again.


The Bees is an absolutely adorable rhyming book that put a smile on my face as I read it. The pictures are sweet, simple, remind me very much of Beatrix Potter, and honestly would look lovely framed for decoration.

It follows and illustrates the daily routines of a particular hive of bees in their quest to make honey. The rhyming is well paced, well thought out, and matches the pictures quite perfectly. Just as the synopsis says, “this is a story your children will want to read again and again”!

I rate The Bees (Down in the Garden book 1) 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it highly!

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