Fans of Goodreads and Instagram!

I have a bookish app recommendation for those of you who love Goodreads and Instagram! This app is called “Litsy” and I’ve only had it for a day and already I love it! It’s set up a lot like Instagram yet it has many of the same features as Goodreads does (shelves, opportunities to post quotes, reviews, and blurbs, all with some cool pictures of your favorite photogenic books). It is for a mobile device (you can’t access your account from a laptop) and is now available for both Apple Appstore as well as Google Play.

I made myself an account and a lot of the publishers that I review for are joining it so I imagine that it will get decently big very quickly and may become a lead competitor for Goodreads (which I still use) after some more updates. It’s super fun and effective so I wanted to pass the word on to you who love books as both something new for you and a different way to follow my reviews. You can find me by searching my username which is “rayleigh_LitAp”.

Heres a link to give you more info about the app! 

Thanks for reading and hope some of you will benefit from this:)



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