I Wish I Could Remember You by L. J. Epps

I received this book from the author for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.

The Synopsis:

A story of enduring love as romance goes all wrong and Emily Montgomery struggles to rebuild her life after a terrible accident changes everything.

Emily wants romance in her life—the kind of romance that leads to a perfect marriage. She dreams of having a husband who loves her and treats her with respect, someone she can spend the rest of her life with. She meets—and marries—Steven Montgomery, hoping he will make all of those things come true.
Everything is wonderful, at first; until things start to slowly change. Steven begins to mentally, verbally, and physically abuse Emily.

She files a divorce with Steven and claims her new found freedom. A new man, Robert, has proposed to her while Steven is out of the picture, and she realizes that she loves him and he could be her dream come true. But the accident has taken her memory and she can’t remember him, or even the abuse from Steven, leaving her to make the toughest decision of her life; forgive Steven and pick back up where she remembers him, or move on with her originally plans and marry Robert. Whatever her choice is will leave someone heartbroken, so the real choice is who’s heart is she going to break?


I Wish I Could Remember You is a gripping romance that loves to play off of the reader’s emotions. It’s writing is elegant and an absolute pleasure to read.

The characters are realistic in how they deal with their problems and the dialogues between them keep them separate, and also does a lot to reveal the story. They are unique and stay consistent in their characteristics throughout the storyline, which seems as if it would have been difficult to accomplish (on the author’s part) given the battle between lack of memory and consistency of character.

The plot unfolds at the perfect pace and keeps the readers interested and was also surprisingly very clean. There is not a single cuss word and the sexual references were extremely low considering that this is a “romance” by title. Where the sexual scenes were, they only involved a few semi-detailed kisses, a few mentions of “being intimate” or “making love” in conversation, and one semi-detailed making out scene that the author switched scenes before anything else was “shown” but it was clear in how it ended for the said couple.

When it comes to morals, I have mixed emotions. On one hand some readers may say that this book encourages a cheating wife and then on the other hand some readers will say that because her and her husband are (and have been) separated and are simply waiting on  the legalistic aspects, that she is a free woman. It really depends on the reader’s views of this matter so I can’t necessarily judge it as a neutral reviewer, but for me personally, I think that some of the things that happened between both couples should have had a better respect for “marriage” than what was given.

Overall, I did enjoy reading I Wish I Could Remember You and I give it 4 out of 5 stars for being a clean romance, and a well written one at that.

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