If You Were Me and Lived in…Colonial America by Carole P Roman

I received this book from the author for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.

The Synopsis:

Join Carole P. Roman and travel through time to visit the most interesting civilizations throughout history in the first four books of her new series.

Learn what kind of food you might eat in Ancient Greece, the clothes you wore in 15th century Renaissance Italy, what your name could be in Elizabethan England, and what Colonial American children did for fun. If You Were Me and Lived in…does for history what her other award-winning series did for culture.

So get on-board this time-travel machine and discover the world through the eyes of a young person just like you.


Filled with a lot more history than the previous books in this series, If You Were Me and Lived in…Colonial America covers everything from the religious backgrounds of England, why the Puritans left for America, as well as how they survived life in the new colony.

The pictures are extremely well done and capture the emotions and atmosphere very well and the writing is engaging and on the children’s level. The pages at the end of the book go over real life historians and brief bio about their roles in this time, and the glossary is informative and easy to use.

Overall, If You Were Me and Lived in…Colonial America is another great addition to school libraries! I give it a full 5 out of 5 stars.

Rated: * * * * *

Series: If You Were Me and Lived in…Ancient Times series; 1 of 4

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