Sins of the Father by Jamie Canosa

I received this book from the author for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.

The Synopsis:

Monsters exist. Not in closets or under the bed, but within each of us. And sometimes . . . they win.

Kidnapped. Confused. Afraid.
Ophelia wakes up to find herself an unwilling pawn in a plot for revenge.

Pain. Blood. Loyalty.
These things bind Sawyer to a promise he struggles to keep.

Sawyer doesn’t want to hurt Ophelia. Ophelia doesn’t want to be hurt. But somethings are unavoidable. What happens when trust is broken? What happens when fear and love collide?

Hearts get broken and lives get shattered when the Sins of the Father are brought to bear.


Suspenseful action. Fast moving storyline. And a smooth, detailed writing style. These are some of the aspects of Sins of the Father as we follow the life of Ophelia and Sawyer.

Honestly, I couldn’t even finish chapter one. The book opens with a party scene at college, an almost rape and cuss words used profusely. A** was used more than 5 times, d**n used twice, sh**head used once, and the “f” word used twice, and I didn’t even finish the chapter. I was probably 5 pages into the book with all of this going on so I can only imagine how much more was used through the rest of the 305 pages of this book.

I’m sorry to say that even though the storyline may be intriguing and well written, the cursing and content present is not worth that story. I can only give Sins of the Father 1 out of 5 stars and do not recommend it to any of my followers.

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