Checkmate Run by Allen Alexander

The Synopsis:

The KGB agents are vicious, and they are closing in… His odds of escaping are bleak… Will he prevail although everything is muddled in a treacherous love triangle? Whom can he trust? The inevitable checkmate could bring him freedom … or death.

Checkmate Run is an adrenaline rush of a story about a precocious young man’s deadly struggle to survive the brutal Soviet regime. Alex Loevsky is a medical student and an inspiringly rebellious poet. He becomes enmeshed in a breakneck battle against the rampant cruelty of the totalitarian state, where just the desire to think freely is nearly a crime on par with treason, and being born Jewish is more than a mere hindrance. Alex aspires to be a physician. Despite his top academic standing, he has to overcome unspoken rule that aim to restrict the number of Jews entering medical school.

His life becomes a death-dealing game of chess; he needs to remain one step ahead of his ruthless opponent–the KGB’s Second Chief Directorate–and must win the game in order to survive.

I received this book from the author for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.


Checkmate Run is the story of the author’s own life and his escape from Russia, yet it is written in first person just like a fictional story and is extremely engaging. The way the author writes is so beautiful, reading much like poetry and allows you to visually see everything that happens throughout the book.

Unfortunately, there were many things that I didn’t care for concerning content; just in the prologue and chapter one, I counted around 5 cuss words, some very insulting, and the sexuality present actually caused me to put the book down; all before chapter 2! It was just too detailed and crossed far too many lines for my audience.

So, although I was really interested in the author’s story as well as his writing, I would have been more pleased had he left out the language and kept the sexuality at hints without showing us every little thing that happened.

I am going to rate Checkmate Run 2 out of 5 stars and do not recommend it to any of my followers.

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