My Grandchild is 2 Years Old by Orly Assa

I received this book from the author/publisher for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.

The Synopsis:

Grandmother records an important family-life event: the grandchild’s birthday—and the grown-ups’ excitement over the picture-taking and the blowing-out of the birthday candles, from which the child, to their disappointment, shies away. In this fifth book of the series, Grandmother joyfully reminds her grandchild of just how the day unfolded.


My Grandchild is 2 Years Old once again follows the life of the young grandchild in the eyes of grandma. She writes this book as a letter to be read aloud to the child, and has wonderfully illustrated pictures to accompany the sweet reminiscing.

The carefully penned words are perfectly illustrated by the pictures and will both keep the attention of the young listeners. The words would be easy enough for beginning readers to read, however there are a few words that they may not be able to say/understand.

Overall, I think My Grandchild is 2 Years Old is a great addition to the Grandmother Tells series and that it would be a great baby shower gift and/or a sweet gift to a grandmother from a grandchild. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Rated: * * * *