DVD Review: Wildflower; starring Nathalia Ramo, Cody Longo and more

I received this DVD free for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.

About the Movie:

Creatively gifted, college student Chloe Moray (portrayed by Nathalia Ramos, known for BRATZ, Arrested Development, House of Anubis) finds solace from a difficult childhood in her extraordinary art. But when an alarming dream begins to recur nightly, Chloe starts to believe that it might be a suppressed memory and that she may have witnessed a terrible crime as a little girl. Her search for peace takes her on a journey that forces Chloe to confront her past traumas and leads her to cross paths with Josh (Cody Longo, known for NOT TODAY, Hollywood Heights, Nashville), a young man dealing with his own painful loss. Together they find in each other someone they can trust as they seek to unlock a cold-case mystery from years before. But with the authorities blocking the way, Chloe’s new-found hope is challenged in this powerful story of faith, triumph and healing.

My Review:

Even in your darkest times you are never alone.  This is the message that Wildflower revolves around; in fact it does more than that. It paints us a picture and illustrates the true meaning of that statement by giving us a worse-case-scenario film.

In this PG-13 Christian film, there is plenty of suspense to keep it living up to its rating, yet its clean enough to watch with the young teens. I heard absolutely no profanity from any of the characters nor was there a sexual scene of any kind (no kissing; only one hug).

The suspense comes in heavy in the very beginning and doesn’t really let up until the end of the movie. It includes flashbacks to terrible memories (some memories include rape, however there is not a scene of this happening), black-outs of amnesia, a few punches and hits to the head, but mainly the suspense is in not knowing what is going on. This played off very well for the plot, because it was not easy to predict the ending and kept the watchers interested.

The movie is mostly narrated by Chloe (Nathalia Ramos), which would seem at first to come as a distraction but it actually held the movie together very well and progressed the movie at the perfect pace. All of the actors did a phenomenal job in their roles and I was very impressed with this film. I give it a full 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to anyone who enjoys a suspenseful movie, but especially to families who have trouble finding movies clean enough for those “almost teens”.


A Giveaway of the DVD is running from 5/11/16 to 5/18/16 

Movie Rating: PG-13

Review Rating: * * * * *

Age Recommendation: 12+

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