Titch the Itch by B.C.R Fegan

I received this book from the author for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.


Titch the Itch - CoverTitch is an itch who just wants to be wanted.

When Titch discovers that no one in his family wants him, he sets off on a journey to find someone-anyone- who would be willing to live with an itch. With every step he grows less hopeful. That is, until he meets an old friend.


This book had all the potential to be adorable, however I found it to be slightly odd.

There is nothing wrong with the book, and I was very fond the illustrations, I just failed to see a point in the story. At the end, even though we see Titch be the definition of a true friend to those around him, no one returns the gestures to him and he is still friendless at the end of the book.

The lesson that could be taken from the book, I suppose, would be to be a friend like Titch, however I don’t think children should be taught to “stick together no matter what” with a “friend” who isn’t interested in being a friend in return, that’s how hearts are broken, especially in schools. They need to be taught to be friendly to all, just not friends with all.

I have mixed emotions about the book, I liked it from one perspective, yet I really didn’t from another. So, I’m going to rate it 3 out of 5 stars and recommend it only if you disagree with my stance on the topic of a child’s friends.

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When I Grow Up I Want to be…A Veterinarian! by WIGU

I received this book from the author/publisher for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.

The Synopsis:

wigu-veterinarianSofia wants to care for all the animals in the world. But Mom does not think Sofia is ready for the responsibility of even one pet. Ready or not, when a hungry and sick-looking cat appears at the family’s back doorstep, Sofia takes action. When Sofia is found feeding the cat, Mom gives in and agrees that a trip to the vet will tell them if the cat is healthy and not someone’s lost pet. As the veterinarian introduces Sofia and readers to the important and wide-ranging work of animal doctors, Sofia learns how she might help all kinds of animals, including a little stray cat!


Many children who love animals often find themselves desiring to be a Vet. This book is for those kids to point them in the right direction and give them some more info on what exactly that means.

I have mixed emotions about this book. It is very informative about the different types of veterinarians and I loved all of the animals facts that were found throughout the story. Even the personal story of Sophia is a nice touch, but I found that story to be very poorly written. The sentences just didn’t flow right and I didn’t care for how the mother of story was portrayed as a mother who “always said no and meant it!”. For kids this age, their parents should not be described negatively because that broods into disrespect.

Sophia had a pouty attitude throughout the story and though the mother finally explained why Sophia could not have a pet do to the responsibility one requires, it was done harshly and a little late. The mother should have explained this to her daughter in the beginning.

Had the above been the only thing I disliked, I would have still given this book 4 stars, but, in the facts about describing dogs, this book portrays its evolutionary belief; saying that the dog evolved from the wolf some thirty-million years ago. I, being a firm Creationist, obviously disagree to the dates and therefore take another star away from the book due to my beliefs.

This gives the final rating to be 3 out of 5 stars and though I do not recommend it for its entirety, it does have excellent facts about being a vet and children can learn from it in certain areas.

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