Additional Advertising


If your book  could use a little extra attention, more than just reviews or an interview, authors now have the opportunity to purchase some extra TLC from my social media team and I.

Our current service fees are:

$5 per book per 1 month of additional advertising or

$8 per book per 2 months of additional advertising.


-Your book cover and link for purchase in the footer titled “Featured Books”.

-Specially made quote/promo images for the book (one per week) to be scheduled on Literature Approved’s social media platforms for the purchased month(s).

-(Optional) If you are seeking additional reviewers for your book, I have a database of fellow book bloggers and reviewers that I can reach out to on your behalf (I will recruit 5 at most for you, I can’t say a minimal amount because whether or not your book is accepted is based on each individual reviewer’s policies/opinions. Though I will do my best to find 5 appropriately matched reviewers).

-You will receive the links to the reviews and shares on social media for you to share as you see fit.

*Paid through PayPal

For more information, shoot me an email via this form!